Mixed Signals: Get off the bus

"How are you?" now comes with a follow-up question... "How's your lockdown going?"

No. 10 – 21st of June, 2020

"How are you?" now comes with a follow-up question...

"How's your lockdown going?"

In response, we require confirmation that everyone is struggling.

From me, there's also a hint of hope that the person I'm talking to has cracked the code, and can reveal the secrets of survival.

Lockdown for us has been absolutely brilliant. Then really quite bad. Then amazing. Then hell. Then I could do this forever. Then PLEASE just let me have 20 minutes of peace. 😫

It's no wonder why. Schools probably weren't going back, then they might, then they were, then they weren't (except some were), then schools here in Wales were, except the decision was with us (but not really if you're a foster carer like me), and there was also an extra week, except now there isn't.

When the music is too loud on the bus, you get off the bus.

And so my kids are (mostly) not going back at all. And I've removed myself from conversations about school. I've actually removed myself from WhatsApp entirely.

We're enjoying taking our time, exploring, doing what we want, being free.

On with the links...

👨‍💻 I have been reading...

+ This handy visual reminder of what I can control, what I can influence, and what is outside of my control (COVID edition).
+ I've been reading lots on The Flywheel Effect.
+ I asked for online learning platform recommendations (for my kids). Will Bachman very kindly wrote me a list.
+ In the last couple of weeks Twitter has taken a stand, Snapchat has taken a stand, + Facebook has done 'something'.
+ It's important to note the difference between freedom of speech + freedom of reach.
+ It's also important to note that, as my friend Dave has done, we can take a stand (I fully left Facebook, Messenger + WhatsApp this week too).
+ Why Netflix (+ YouTube) switched from star ratings to thumbs up/thumbs down.
+ David Perell's best tweets + tips from his past 12,000 tweets.
+ This niche, honest, + rather rude grilled cheese takeaway business.

📺 I have been watching...

+ When we define racism as behaviours instead of feelings, we can measure it.
+ Comedian Sarah Cooper's incredibly funny Trump lip sync videos. Part of the genius of these is that they highlight the absurdity of what's being said by using his own words, in his own voice.
+ The Other One from the fantastic + funny Holly Walsh.
+ While We Can't Hug.

🎧 I have been listening to...

+ The end of last month was the two year anniversary of this incredible Twitter thread about how to get rich without getting lucky from Naval Ravikant. I've been listening to this mega-compilation of every interview Naval did on the topic. I could listen to it on repeat (and just might).

📚 I have been buying (+ sometimes reading) books...

+ Feeding my flywheel obsession, I purchased Turning the Flywheel by Jim Collins. It's a short + interesting look at flywheels following the success of the concept in his best-seller, Good to Great.

🧸 I have been playing with...

+ I recently switched over to Firefox as my main web browser. The built-in screenshot functionality is fab.
+ Hey is a new email service that may fundamentally change email, + thanks to having no shame I begged online and got an invitation... it's very good. It's also shown Apple in a very poor light.

📝 I have created things...

+ There are 4 main ways you can get lucky (inspired by Naval... see above).
+ It's a woman's world (a piece I wrote for my fostering agency).

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Thanks for reading. Have a great week. 👋

Gareth @garethkthomas