Mixed Signals: Find two niches

Go super niche. That's the advice we're given.

No. 13 – 4th of October, 2020

Go super niche.

That's the advice we're given.

For freelancers, business owners, bloggers, and tweeters. You build a following by starting niche... more niche than you thought sensible.

You become THE voice on your speciality. And you build out from there.

The best thing about this strategy? It works.

I've seen others do it, and I did it myself. Back in 2001 I was building one-page websites for campsites. It was not a crowded marketplace.

But there is another way. Combining two worlds.

I continue to be amazed between the overlap of my two worlds (fostering, and digital strategy). I read books for one topic that feed into another. I raise ideas that have worked in one world to help generate new thinking in another.

And so, a little spin on go niche... find two niches, and mix them together to create something unique.

📚 Things I've been reading...

+ I've generally found that shorter books deliver the most value. Rutger Bregman's Humankind is the exception that proves the rule. I wish it had been longer.
+ "The next thing I knew, I was making $28 what felt like every 28 seconds. My phone turned into the ultimate dopamine dispenser (if it wasn't already). I had to disable notifications." (Great reading especially if you're currently reading the Navalmanack).
+ My friend David Hoos had a great list of books for those looking to learn more about customer psychology, which he's now turned into a blog post. (Pray for my bank account!).
+ "Ultimately, we're setting a grim precedent; the repercussions of raising a generation to be driven solely by rewards will be felt far beyond the school gates." This is from an article shared in response to my tweet asking why we're still bribing kids.

📺 Things I've been watching...

+ After loving Series 1, discovering Series 2 of Hidden Wales with Will Millard was a huge bonus on a wet weekend.
+ This, from Michael Kiwanuka. Thank you Barrie.

🎧 Things I've been listening to...

+ Ramit Sethi on the Tim Stodz Podcast covers copywriting and personal finance, including why we should worry less about $3 decisions and worry more about $30k decisions.
+ Tim Ferriss & Debbie Millman share their incredibly personal stories experiencing child abuse, and their journeys healing from the trauma. I'm not sure how they found the strength to do this, but I am very pleased they did.

🧸 Things I've been playing with...

+ The place I go to for strength training is outside my local lockdown area... so this week I went with a friend to pilates for the first time. After years of back problems, I'll try anything that might help!

📝 Things by (or about!) me...

+ I gave a quick talk recently, and based it around the concept of luck. It reminded me that I wrote about luck in the summer, so I just went back and gave the post a quick refresh.