Don’t read later

I use an app to save articles to read later.

Don’t read later

I use an app to save articles to read later.

Each week, I save way more than I could ever possibly hope to read.

Then, when I sit down ready to consume, I need to make a choice.

I have 40 articles to read, videos to watch, audio to listen to.

I only have 45 minutes. And so I make my choice.

By choosing what to consume, I’m really choosing what not to read/watch/listen to. For every 1 I say yes to, I’m saying no to 39 others.

I likely won’t ever get to enjoy those 39 items again.

The time has passed. That moment has gone.

We make this same decision throughout our days, in all areas of our lives.

Saying yes to the 1 thing we’re doing now. Saying no to 39 (or, rather, 39,000) things we won’t do now, or ever.

We cannot change it. As always, we choose how we respond.

I choose to be freed by it.

Choose your 1 thing and submerse yourself in it.

Don’t think of the things you’ve said no to. Think only of the 1 thing you’ve said yes to.

This isn’t about living a life of learning, healthy eating, meditation and prayer. Your 1 thing can and should be… playing with your kids, watching TV, sitting in the garden staring into space and feeling the sun on your skin.

Pick what you’ll read now. Let go of the rest. Don’t read later.