Mixed Signals: What's next

No. 31 – 16th of April, 2023

Last summer, I began a process.

To take apart my little business, and rebuild it from the ground up.

Going from just another digital strategy consultant, to something else.

What that something else will be, I'm not quite sure. It began with a full rebranding process, and an injection of some wonderful copywriting. Now I've announced a plan for what's next.

Part of that plan is the re-launch of this very newsletter. It's now called Mixed Signals. And it will be sent out each Sunday morning, at 08.00 (GMT).

Enjoy! ~ GKT

Food without thought

The Guardian shares details from a report by Diabetes UK, revealing an “all-time high for type 2 and type 1 combined of 4.3m officially diagnosed cases”, with a further 850,000 people undiagnosed.

Food is one of the biggest areas where, as a society, we're getting things wrong. There's currently little emphasis on the benefits of eating real food, and not allowing children to eat a steady daily supply of junk food is often considered unkind.

+ UK in ‘rapidly escalating’ diabetes crisis as cases top 5m, report says

Leaving it all behind

Every week I read heartbreaking stories of children entering, leaving, or simply trying to survive within, the care system. We can do this differently. We can treat children with respect. And we can work in a way that we know is best, based on everything we now know about trauma and the importance of attachment.

+ ‘I felt totally abandoned’: the trauma of being uprooted and taken into care

+ A little boy’s heartbreaking journey to adoption

Evolutionary thinking

Change can be challenging, yet it can also be embraced. As part of my research for the newsletter relaunch, I was reminded of this lovely piece from the the Marginalian's Maria Popova (formerly known as Brain Pickings):

“As we evolve — as we add experiences, impressions, memories, deepening knowledge and self-knowledge to the combinatorial pool from which all creative work springs — what we make evolves accordingly; it must, if we are living widely and wisely enough.”

+ Becoming the Marginalian: After 15 Years, Brain Pickings Reborn

+ Drawing pictures is great for children’s development

+ The world map that reboots your brain

+ Why Steven Pinker is wrong about rationality