Mixed Signals: Rallying cry

No. 32 – 23rd of April, 2023

I received some wonderful replies to the last issue. ☺️

Sharing your thoughts and beliefs can be tough. Especially online, where you can open yourself up to hurtful comments all too easily.

Yet it's all too easy to open yourself up to incredible opportunities too. It's never been easier to find your tribe. To connect with thinkers who share your passion, and your drive to make a difference somehow.

This issue is a rallying cry to you all. And a thank you.

Enjoy! ~ GKT

Get famous

Stop holding yourself back from creating because you’re afraid of being cringe. We’re all cringe to somebody.

We're all cringe to somebody. This, from Amanda Natividad, resonated a lot. I'm putting myself out there more. Writing, sharing, standing for something.

It's tough. You open yourself up to your ideas being challenged. And that's a great thing. You also open yourself up to being personally challenged. And that's never easy. But it's essential, as Derek Sivers points out...

“Do everything in public and for the public. The more people you reach, the more useful you are. The opposite is hiding, which is of no use to anyone.”

+ How to be useful to others

Keeping score

‘The Body Keeps the Score’ is widely regarded as one of the most important trauma books. So it was great to hear the author, Dr Bessel van der Kolk on one of my favourite podcasts... Feel Better. Live More. from Dr Chatterjee.

Some interesting pieces from the conversation:

  • If we built clinics for children with trauma, they would need to be the size of the state school system
  • Our bodies are great at preparing us for danger, but instead of running or fighting, we typically sit still and carry on checking our emails
  • Drama and theatre is a great way of allowing children to enter the world of make believe... to be a strong character, to fight with a sword, etc.

+ How Trauma Impacts Your Physical Health & How To Heal From It with Dr Bessel van der Kolk

+ Lisa Feldman Barrett: “Your brain keeps the score. Your body is the scorecard.”

+ Step inside the circle

+ Identify the birds you see

+ I recorded a verse, and had a trained AI model of Kanye replace my vocals