Behaviour talks

I recently started using #BehaviourTalks across social media.

Behaviour talks

I recently started using #BehaviourTalks across social media.

I’m learning that you can achieve (and be) so much more when you are clear on your purpose.

Lots of things interest me. Behaviour is something that fascinates me.

I believe behaviour talks.

It speaks a language that can change who we are, what we do, how we feel, and more.

Understanding behaviour runs through everything I do.

It’s changed my life. Helped me build businesses. Helped others build theirs. And fundamentally changed the way I parent and support my foster kids.

Pretty much all the areas of behaviour interests me. Sticking with my purpose, behaviour talks, I’m specifically interested in three key aspects…

  1. My own behaviour.
    As a single parent to 3 kids, also running a business, it wouldn’t be possible for me to get things done if I didn’t understand my own behaviour. I’m constantly looking to learn more about how I can build positive habits, and learn about my own behaviour each day.
  2. Behaviour in business.
    One of my other passions is small businesses. Through my company, I get to support them to improve their digital strategies. Whilst we have lots of fancy tools, and I bring plenty of experience to the table, understanding how customer behaviour affects a business is where the real magic happens.
  3. Behaviour in children.
    Becoming a foster carer a few years back was, unsurprisingly, a whole new challenge. Parenting is tough. Parenting children who’ve been through significant trauma is a whole other level. Fortunately, lots of fantastic work has been done that has allowed me to understand my kids’ behaviour better. The education and care system has been slow to pick up on this, and changing that matters deeply to me.

So that’s what ties everything together.

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